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released September 23, 2016

Produced by Los Bungalitos in our practice space.

Recorded by Tim and Julius, Mixed and Mastered by Tim.

Photos, artwork and layout by Joe.


all rights reserved



LOS BUNGALITOS Lowell, Massachusetts

Bilingual thrash hardcore mayhem from Lowell, MA, USA. MVHC est. 2003. New EP "Quick and Dirty" available now. @losbungalitos #losbungalitos losbungalitos.com

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Track Name: Antiquated Modernity
Contemporary visions of the past
I guess Orwell was right.
This new feudal age
Where the Lord is the banker
The new Caudillos wear suits and ties
Owning everything you believe you do
[perennially] sanctioned by the Holy Order
Almost an utopia dreamt by Ayn Rand

Spending your life owing those that own you
Protected by the laws bought with the fruit of your labor
Sending you to the killing fields
Watching from afar with a cocktail in hand
"Thank you for your servitude"- the master says
... as your life has become wretched
Track Name: Deception
And you still refuse to see the facts

You think you know me better than I know myself
The world you see is far different than mine
So why you go as if you can relate to me?

You were never like me
You are not like me
You will never be like me
You will never understand me

Why you're pretending you care about me?
When was the last time that you came around here?
When was the last time you did something for me?
Why when you last saw me, you crossed the street?

Now you're afraid of me, 'cause I can see right through you
We stand on different ground...
Now I am a threat in your book

Now that you "know" this about me
You will try to strike me down
Use your friends in the TV screen
And call me a homegrown terrorist

You're the real terrorist
Track Name: Vassals of Innovation
As we imprudently become
Subjects to our advancement
The natural order disregarded
Consumption becomes the Divine

Trudging along in a path of destruction
When we're gone all will go in ruination
Who will inherit this world devastated?

Decimating the current foundations
to become HUMANe again
And kindly accept our consummation
To atone for our transgressions

Our current roads lead to annihilation
Remember this world is not only ours
We're just but a moment in time
Of the never ending evolutionary line
Track Name: Esto no es una canción de Los Crudos
Y pasan los años y seguimos en lo mismo
los amos del poder siguen con puños de hierro
se siguen adueñando de nuestro mundo
mientras nuestras vidas seguimos botando

Vivimos para trabajar
mientras creemos que vivimos en libertad

Y mientras sigamos en competencia
miraremos de largo a nuestros vecinos
que viven en carencia
Y esa es la base que usamos para juzgar su moral

Somos todos hipócritas
y la ironía es que también somos las víctimas

Y el rebaño sigue ciegamente
al pastor que sigue enriqueciéndose
y éste sigue sembrando el odio
porque se crée un mensajero de Dios

Y el Papa sentado en un trono de oro
financiado por genocidio y sangre